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Please join our discussion at the Buchanan YMCA 6:30, Thursday October 9th at the YMCA Meeting Room at 1530 Buchanan Street.

Please join us for a community discussion/meeting at the YMCA on Thursday, October 9th. 2014!  Care SF is a new educational discussion/political club dedicated to advancing reform in education and promoting discussion of important topics.  We will have snacks and beverages from 6-6:30, introductions and announcements until 7 and a panel discussion from 7-8:30.  Please join us for an interesting evening to discuss this important topic.  Discussion ongoing at and please email if you have any questions or call Justin at 415-876-1025

Topic Details
We’re so used to celebrating the advancement of girls and women and the dismantling of our sexist history, that few of us are noticing a new trend.  Boys, who traditionally trailed girls until high school, are now trailing at all levels of academic achievement.

-Lowell High School, which is San Francisco’s only Competitive Admissions Magnet High School and accepts only the top Middle School Students, is 60.2% female and 39.8% male.

-Women are now earning 61% of Bachelor’s Degrees, 63% of Master’s Degrees, 58% of PhD Degrees and 58% of Professional Degrees. 

-Top rated Universities are seeing a lower percentage of males admitted.

-Why are girls so much more focused on school than boys are throughout middle school, high school and college?  What can we do to help more boys thrive in middle and high school?  Should schools change instruction to include more hands-on projects or make other changes to help boys reach their potential?  How will it impact society in the future if boys are not getting the education they need to have good careers and income?


At October 6, 2014 at 7:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, until women achieve parity in pay, equal advancement opportunities to high corporate and political offices, I could care less.

At October 9, 2014 at 11:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an important issue because it is impacting children. Boys are more likely to grow up and end up in prison. It holds back our potential if a large group of people isn't doing well. Educated women can't find educated husbands. Boys are not achieving their potential. As a nation we lose out when any group doesn't achieve it's potential. Whether it is video games, TV, drugs or other reasons, this must be investigated and discussed. It isn't sexist to discuss this. Yes, there are issues of sexism which need to be addressed, but when you look at the top groups in education, if we could get all kids to the level of the top groups, we'd have a much stronger and richer nation. We need to make changes to reach males, African Americans, Latinos, average and below average income whites, every group falling far below their potential. At the present time this includes males. This is an important issue and I will be at this meeting and am looking forward to it.

At October 13, 2014 at 10:12 AM , Anonymous Mike Zonta said...

I've heard these facts before, but thanks for reminding me of this problem. We hear so much about the education of girls that I forgot about the deteriorating education of boys.


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